Tiger Talk



One of my favourite words…

A meeting of minds, melding of intents – a mesmerizing mingling of creativity – doesn’t matter who it’s applied to, in freelancing, it will always be apropos.

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Writers – does “selling out” exist?

Over the years, I believe I have heard every rant and rebut about writers who “sell out”. The last 10 years have made this topic even hotter with the enormous influx of people writing on/over/throughout the internet.

There seems to be two camps of writers on this idea: those who figure writing is writing, no matter who you do it for or why or for how much.

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In another age of my life, forehead sucking mind-melds with other artists and writers used to keep my creative edge frothed up like one of those yummy-looking dark beers. Densely packed channels of energy that were too big for the skull cooked brain cells into new mutated life forms.

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Seed-writer on the loose

Location-independent writer – a global nomad with a purpose.
Are you bound to a special creative “spot” – does environment distract or enthuse your creativity?

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