About TigerX

20121030_213537-225x300TigerXglobal is my ever-evolving writing and editing business.  Founded as TigerXpress over two decades ago, this endeavour has undergone multiple transmutations as my writing projects made forays into new, unexplored territories and my editing clients pulled me through genre after genre.  Always an adventure and endlessly entertaining, I love what I do.

My Writing

Writing touches every element of my life.  I translate experiences, events, encounters, emotions, and epiphanies into words every day.  Over time, I recognised that every moment I live affects my writing.  Learning to judge a person’s character allows me to learn how to craft characters that behave realistically – characters capable of drawing on and bonding with reader’s flickering memories – tying their mind to the character and the story.

Writing is limitless communication — from poetry to concise articles and traffic-driving web content to novellas, serial books, and graphic novels — writing touches minds.  This infinite capability to influence and entertain is what makes writing and working with language so fascinating and unique.

My Editing

I have a deep conviction that the concept driving a story is an incredibly intimate piece of the originating author’s creative essence.  This raw spark is the beginning and the story crafted around it should both contain and focus its power.  As an editor, my objective is to support the author and their story, helping in every way possible to reveal the truth of the author’s concept through a compelling story.  I do not accept projects that conflict with my professional or personal ethics.

My Clients

My objective with any project is to produce results that meet or exceed my client’s expectations.  I will ask that those expectations be clearly defined by my clients each time we work together as I believe mutual understanding of goals ensures the straightest path to success.  I work with a global clientele – one of the delighful benefits of being a writer/editor – and welcome opportunities to work with and support projects from talented people worldwide.

My business, TigerXglobal, is an extension of who I am creatively and operates under my personal value system – discretion, loyalty, honesty.  Your work, your project, your concept are yours — exclusively — with TigerX.

I would be delighted to support you and your project with comprehensive, insightful writing and editing services.  Ready to go?  Contact me here!

— Maria D’Marco, Editor and Writer, TigerXglobal