My Services

TigerX Editing and Writing services are tailored to your specific needs – from the inception through completion of your project.  I understand how needs may change as a project unfolds, and to ensure smooth transitions, I offer flexible, supportive services. Whether your book manuscript is raw or nearly publisher-ready, my comprehensive Editing Services will move you and your writing to the next level of success. Have a fantastic idea for a book? My Ghostwriting Services will transform your scribbled notes, outlines, or rough data into the book, eBook, or booklet you envisioned. My Copywriting and Web Content Services cover all your business writing needs.  From updating brochures to creating or re-vamping your website content, I offer performance-oriented writing tuned to your marketing strategy, as well as articles that showcase your business, industry, or topic of interest. Contact me today for your free consult or customised quote.