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A bit about both: Dr Hisham steps beyond the traditional self-help, find success formulas and brings forth a book that offers a concise, yet extraordinarily thought-provoking approach to galvanize your path through life. This author brings his professional and personal commitment to this book and defines life dynamics that translate to every culture and country in the world.

Words from the author about TigerX:“My experience working with Maria as my editor was nothing short of a spectacular journey. What I enjoyed most was her passion that came across clearly in the phone calls and emails, plus her commitment to making me a better writer! Most of the major editing that occurred was actually a process of her challenging me to define core points in the text and expand on them. This was simultaneously occurring with challenges to remove/shorten parts of the text where she asked “Is this section really serving your message or distracting from it?” Identifying hot spots in the book, correcting tenses, creating better flow to my written words and making it impactful were all achieved eloquently by Maria. The thing that will make me use her services again and again though, is how she made me feel during the process, appreciated and challenged courteously to do better and better with guidance.  Thank you Maria, my next book manuscript is on its way to you.”

Dr Hisham Abdalla DDS, Author

4D Leadership, #1 International Million-Seller Amazon & Kindle!

A bit about both: Sunni Overend takes us on a journey that could only happen to Apple March, a young woman kept at arm’s length from her true destiny – or so it always seems. This is a story of creative passion, love’s denial, and secrets that shape people and events. Our author has an engaging style that is at once light and appealing, yet captures the imagination and demands that “just one more chapter” be read.

Words from the author about TigerX:“Maria has been a lot of fun to work with, super accessible and very personable. As well as a providing a comprehensive nip-tuck proofread for my first novel, she has been endlessly generous with great insider tips. It’s been a pleasure! A wonderful overall experience.”

Sunni Overend

Author, March

A bit about both: Robyn Arrowsmith brings forward the wonderfully robust tale of romance in the midst of world war, romance that demanded a special kind dedication from the courageous women of Australia who followed their husbands and sweethearts to the USA. The trials endured by these brave women as they left their families and beloved homeland behind, journeyed across the Pacific in war ships meant for war-time cargo, and arrived in California ports to meet partners sometimes not seen since months prior to their departure are revealed with engaging skill by this author. Extensive interviews with war brides resulted in a book filled with quotes that put the reader truly ‘in the moment’ as these devoted women recall first meetings with the Yanks they grew to love, the difficult ocean crossing, and their attempts to integrate with their new home, the United States, without abandoning their heritage.

Many Australian war brides residing in the US still meet regionally and nationally to celebrate their lives and life choices.

Words from the author about TigerX:“Maria’s editing expertise was invaluable to me when preparing my first self-published book. Although I live in Australia, my non-fiction book includes stories of Australian women living in the USA and has a readership in both countries. Maria’s sensitive understanding of the cross-cultural nuances of language and expression was ‘spot-on’. Geographic distance made no difference to her availability and quick communication by email. Always professional in her guidance and constructive suggestions to improve the text, Maria’s enthusiasm and positive attitude were outstanding. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone publishing a book – she certainly made my journey a joyful one!”

Robyn Arrowsmith

Author, All the Way to the USA

A bit about both: Dr Knight-Mudie brings us a truly delightful book destined to be a classic. Full of dynamic and iconic characters in a wonderland environment, Yarns From Yandilla takes children through engaging adventures and personal dilemmas that offer gentle life lessons. Especially wonderful as a read-aloud experience, this book creates a particularly rich opportunity for parent-child interaction and discussion. Absolutely entertaining from beginning to end, this author has given her youthful audience a tale that will be enjoyed again and again.

Words from the author about TigerX:“The birthing process requires lots of effort – whether it be to a child or an idea. All artists understand that the creativity path is fraught with peril and, if wisdom smiles upon them, will accept, indeed seek, advice and strong guidance. Such advice and strong guidance came to me from Maria D’Marco whose careful criticism sustained and encouraged me with questions, suggestions, speedy responses and friendly support throughout my loving battle with words. Now, finally, after the blood, sweat and tears my yarns have their own life. Without hesitation I’d recommend your guidance to any fellow traveller. Thank you Maria.”

Dr Karen Knight-Mudie

Author, Yarns from Yandilla
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Twitter: 24_7Kim

A bit about both:  Kim opens her heart to readers with the story of her life’s journey to discover, and finally embrace, her soul’s desire – a life in France. This engaging book reminds us all of our own secret, as yet unrealised, desires and of the path that can lie before us – hidden perhaps – but there for us to take, when we become open to it. Fun and entertaining, this story of personal triumph is a delightful read which will touch the dreamer in every woman.

Words from the author about TigerX:“I highly recommend Maria for your editing and copywriting needs. Her guidance, commitment, and expertise were invaluable in helping me to publish my first book. I felt her support every step of the way: to completion and after publication. She is positive and enthusiastic, which is conveyed in her suggestions and critiques.”

Kim Defforge

Author, Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France

A bit about both: JJ Thomas woke one morning with this book buzzing in his head, then developed and wrote the manuscript in record time. What I call a “hot story”. The result is a thriller that will make every reader stop and think before they book that cute little bed and breakfast spot for their vacation. This author has a second book in the works and seems to have discovered the ‘creepy bone’ in all of us.

Words from the author about TigerX: “Hands down, your involvement in my stories made all the difference in the world. You got me! Get me! Not only were your suggestions right on the money, you gave me plenty of direction so I could truly understand where you were coming from For a newbie to this business, that was critical – and very much appreciated.”

JJ Thomas

Author, The Waverly House

A bit about both:  Bobby White takes his years of experience as a journalist and uses it to craft a gripping story of one man’s struggle with the agonizing events that result when one decision to skirt the tenets of his profession come to light. Filled with the grit of life that can rub us raw, this author’s tale takes us deep into the lives of those who have followed dreams, left dreams behind, and have discovered new dreams when life is nearly over. Set in the streets and neighbourhoods of Washington DC, this story travels in the nooks and crannies of the most powerful city in the world.

Words from the author about TigerX:“I had an amazing experience working with Maria. She took my sorry collection of scenes and long-running descriptions and transformed them into a cohesive narrative filled with drama and insight. She was patient, fair with criticism, and thorough in executing what was asked of her. As a first time novelist, I felt reassured working with her as her suggestions and thoughts provided trustworthy direction. I owe Maria a debt of gratitude for how she shepherded me through a very trying time of self-doubt.

To the most vulnerable of writers, passionate about your art, but believing it needs a little guidance to properly execute your vision, feel assured that by choosing Maria, you will have made a very sound decision.”

Bobby White

Author, Tobacco Brown Is In Transit

A bit about both: Jonathan produced a delightful, thought-provoking book that reveals not only new perceptions of a beloved tale, but relates this well-known story to social behaviour quandaries we all may face one day. This author has a uniquely insightful and practical approach – was a pleasure to support him.

Words from the author about TigerX:“I’ve hired Maria before and I’ve referred colleagues to her. I will hire her again and I will continue to refer others to her. Not only does good work, but is very pleasant to work with – I don’t know how she keeps coming in above expectations, b/c each time I use her, my expectations are raised for the next time.”“Terrific, really outstanding – she did a great job – everything she promised. I will use TigerX again.”

Jonathan Kroner

Author, Dorothy’s Oz Dream

A bit about both: Kerry pulls together hard-hitting tactical information in a book that savvy global business strategists have found invaluable. This author is every inch the international business expert – great energy, dynamic client.

Words from the author about TigerX: “For an author having a good editor is critical to a quality result. Working with Maria was a joy. She has the highest of editorial standards and nothing was too much trouble in what became a winning team. I’d gladly use TigerX again when the occasion arises.”“Maria was simply great to work with. Professional in every way. She outlined exactly what she would do, kept me informed, then came in on budget and on time. I’d use her services again, in a heartbeat. In fact I’m recommending her to my publisher. Top job!”

Kerry Larkan

Author, Winning the Talent War

A bit about both: Diane artfully and intelligently presents concepts and processes in her book that can be successfully applied to busy lives – especially those of today’s career woman. This author touches the core of our lives and unravels the complexities that hinder happiness and balance – an enriching editorial experience.

Words from the author about TigerX: “Maria is an exceptional writer and editor.”

Diane Randall

Author, Balance & Being

A bit about both: Kelly steps boldly into the muck and mire that makes us all human and explores what happens when streaks of the paranormal riddle lives. This unpredictable paranormal psych thriller takes the reader through the perceptual maelstroms the main character faces – and endures alone. This author has created a story that engages, then shocks – and begs a sequel.

Words from the author about TigerX: “Maria is diligent, pleasant to work with, timely, and devoted to her draft. Not only is she professional, but she has given me enough comfort and ease to refer to her on a first-name basis. Even at time of self-doubt, she will give you the push needed to move ahead, all the while remaining truthful of what needs to be accomplished.”

Kelly Locker

Author, The Man in the Wall

A bit about both: Chelsea crafted a unique and dynamic story that slices through commonalities of life experiences from an unexpected and delightful perspective. This book evokes wonderful imagery and wraps readers in emotions that sustain the stuff memories are made of – allowing this story to have tremendous staying power. This author takes the reader to an edge early, and then uses the discomforting position to flex perceptions.

Words from the author about TigerX: “Thank you so much for this manuscript assessment, Maria! Your comments are extremely insightful and totally spot on. It’s exactly what I needed and I can’t wait to start playing around with my manuscript based on your observations and suggestions.”

Chelsea Bauch

Author, The Adventures of Toby Lycan, the Wolfboy

A bit about both: Simon brings young adult sci-fi to new levels in a book that combines down-to-earth conflicts with fantastic outer space environs. This author is an up-and-coming talent from down under, who will soon be known to every teenager on the planet.

Words from the author about TigerX: “Maria is an absolute joy to work with. She is so enthusiastic and creative. It makes my life so much easier knowing I can leave Maria to get the job done – I know she will always give 110% and I will be ecstatic with the results. If you need any editing or written copy work done – just hire Maria!”

Simon Rebellato

Author, The Secret Space

Maria is a pleasure to work with. I have used her editing services a number of times throughout the last few years. Aside from having very reasonable pricing, and superb work quality, her turnaround times are excellent. I highly recommend her services to anybody who needs editorial work.

Andy Potanin

VP Marketing, Wearable Antenna Inc

If you need a professional editor who will focus tightly and solely on your writing project, I highly recommend Maria. The owner and sole proprietor of TigerXglobal, she will give your project her undivided attention and focused professional care. I have worked with dozens of writers and editors in the last 20 years and put Maria at the top of my list for her professionalism and dedication.

Kelly Andersson

Editor, Wildfire News

A very professional person to deal with. Helped me along the way. Motivated me. Was a very refreshing experience.

Ben Thrum

General Manager, Eyegazmic (Web Design)– Sydney, AU