One of my favourite words…

A meeting of minds, melding of intents – a mesmerizing mingling of creativity – doesn’t matter who it’s applied to, in freelancing, it will always be apropos.

As an editor, I collaborate with an author. I stretch my mind to gather Intel to find out what makes them ‘tick’ – where do their passions lie – what can/will they tolerate from an outsider – what do they want to accomplish?

As a writer, I collaborate with web designers, editors, graphic artists, and a multitude of people pursuing various endeavours that require my writing skills. Each of these collaborations is unique and offer experiences that are intense and growth-provoking for any creative person or idea.

When I decided to develop my web site, one of the most important elements to the design was to incorporate a space that was committed to the concept of collaboration.

In the world of freelancing, collaboration is often done ‘on the fly’ and can feel like scrambling fighter jets. Not every freelancer likes this kind of punch in their work. But for those who do – it’s a blast – and in that intense environment brilliant work can be produced. Responses and ideas become more instinctive – gut feelings shove things forward on adrenalin as expertise carves raw efforts into polished accomplishments.

Long-term collaborations, such as building a web site or moving through multiple stages of a book edit, develop over time and collaborators may come and go along the path of a project. These enriching experiences can result in relationships that extent far beyond the completion of the original endeavour.

For my authors and those who bring me into their writing projects, my commitment to quality collaboration means they have immediate access to high calibre talent when they need it.

Are you a collaborator? Flip me a note – there’s always room in the pool for another tiger.