In another age of my life, forehead sucking mind-melds with other artists and writers used to keep my creative edge frothed up like one of those yummy-looking dark beers. Densely packed channels of energy that were too big for the skull cooked brain cells into new mutated life forms – and it was such a tremendous relief to find another artist who was also suffering from hot brain – and disgorge on each other.

Mental lava explodes, consumes, and creates new ‘land’ in the form of comprehensive concepts. To me, the concepts that come from blended minds are absolutely fascinating.

Sometimes a creative idea is so overwhelming to me that the need to share it is equally overwhelming. In the past, this need might never be met – if you can’t find someone who will mind meld on a certain level with you – well, you have an itch that can’t be scratched.

What does one do with such itches?

Well, with the advent of global communication, all our creative itches can be satisfied in the bazillion watt access of the worldwidemaelstrom.

The fantastic thing about jumping into this gurgling pot of humanity – the ‘net – is that the artist you get to suck foreheads with will probably have a staggeringly different view of life and will probably have arrived at your shared creative conclusions using very different resources. But – the passion driving your core concepts transcends all differences.

Now, that’s just cool.

Apply global mind melds to collaborative efforts and tremendously exciting things can happen.

I’ve really enjoyed the feedback from my post on collaboration. This is a subject I am passionate about – and it seems others share that passion and interest. It’s exciting to me to approach a project that requires multiple talents and skill sets – not only is the organizational aspect intriguing to me – the potential for extraordinary results breeds a creative anticipation that just can’t be beat.

To me, a creative idea is kept alive by breathing new perceptions into it. My perceptions, no matter how diligently I strive to pop my own brain bubbles, are finite – defined and limited by my own abilities and experiences. My creative ideas may percolate under my steam for awhile, but there comes a time when the idea must be applied to a practical use and come alive. And while I feel confident in my talents, I know that my idea will – not might – but will, blossom when merged with the talents of others.

Collaboration makes an individual effort churn with growth and is often the final touch that baits perfection.