Web Content & SEO

Whether you operate solely online or your website is an extension of your brick-and-mortar business, the importance of your website to your business cannot be overstated. In today’s commercial world, previously unattainable markets are within easy reach — and the global entrepreneur is the new adventurer in commerce.

3 Seconds & Counting…

TigerX understands the importance of compelling web content. Your site visitors must obtain accurate, timely, and intriguing information within seconds of arriving on your landing/home page. Studies abound that detail and document this window of attention — the 3-second phenomenon — where images and words must blend to capture elusive interest.

The exciting element of online marketing is the huge potential for half-sold customers.

Your website visitor already has a target in mind.  They are primed to accept information.  They are actively seeking your information.  They want web content that validates their search and triggers a confident, definitive decision to engage your services or purchase your products.

Website content that captures your target audience

I produce finely crafted website content that supports your business and can conform to your SEO analyses.  My expertise has been cultivated by maintaining long-term, highly active relationships with expert website designers.  I clearly understand tight deadlines and working within your budget.

Make the most of your website with content that sets your business apart from your competition – TigerX style.  Contact me for a consult and quote on your next web site project.