Ghostwriting is the ultimate translation. Giving literary life to the ideas, concepts, and dreams of another is a complex skill that calls upon many levels of expertise.

Experience to bring your story to life

With over 30 years of writing and editing experience, TigerX possesses the solid skills necessary to craft a book of substance, the intuitive communication to interpret your visions, and the organized resources to produce a well-researched work.

Turn your idea into a published reality

Your needs may be expressed only as a few scribbles of inspiration or as a manuscript draft — or anything in between — however you have captured your concept, it will be sufficient to begin the process of turning your vision into the reality of a book.

You are invited to Contact Me and submit a query on your proposed project for ghostwriting.  A free consult to review your anticipated needs can be scheduled at your convenience.

TigerX – Preserving Your Concepts