TigerX is your edit partner.  I am committed to helping you achieve your best work with support that can be as simple as ensuring your piece is grammatically correct or as comprehensive as a full developmental edit.

My Editing Process

As your editor, I am open to any discussion of any element of your writing or your project – from work usage to character development to chapter and story structure to transitions and endings.  I do not believe that a team of horses cannot be changed in mid-stream; it simply takes patience and looking both horses in the eye while making the change.  I also believe that sometimes the wagon must be left behind, bogged down in the stream, in order to move forward successfully.

As your editor, I do not punish or scold or condemn – I discuss, suggest, teach, and support.  My power is not in showing you how much I think I know, but in showing you how you can showcase your concept in the best story possible.

We will hash out dialogue, deeply define characters, and word sculpt environments where interaction is believable and supportive of your story.  Your writing talent and skills will tell your tale as you wish it to be told, not as I think it should be told.

First Draft Edits

TigerX specialises is first draft edits.  I thoroughly enjoy the raw energy encountered in works that are fresh from an author’s mind and the usually passionate communication available from such authors.  First drafts are extremely diverse and can benefit from either a comprehensive developmental edit or an editorial read-through.  The former reviews every aspect of the piece as a whole and provides editorial guidance for re-writes.  The latter provides a notated overview of the work to support re-writes for an eventual true edit.

Getting Started

I offer free consults consisting of a conversation to determine what editorial service will best support you and your project.  Each consult will lead us to my proposal of service suggestions that are most appropriate to your situation and a quote for those services.   I will not suggest a more expensive service when a less costly one is more supportive to you.

Your budget and deadlines are always respected and taken into consideration in any services quotes given by TigerX.

I only ask one thing of my clients:  our time is valuable and this is a shared commitment to your success – please, be reasonably available for necessary communication throughout the project.

General rates and specific services are noted here.  All services are flexible and can be tailored to best support your success.

Contact me to schedule your free consult today!

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