TigerX Editorial Rates & Services

Editing is rated as a per hour or per page service, depending on the service being performed.  The condition of your draft may also define the rate of service.

I will discuss and suggest editing services that are most beneficial to the current status of your work – services that will produce the most profound effect and accomplish the goals you have set.

I prefer to edit Word documents.  Word documents allows use of the tracking feature to identify changes, deletions, and suggested additions.  At the edit completion, authors are provided with tracked and “clean” (all changes accepted) copies for review.  Hard copy editing services are available, but a higher rate may apply due to the extra time that may be involved in making hand-written notes and corrections to the manuscript.

Manuscript Read-Through Evaluations & Assessments

Authors often need a pre-edit evaluation to determine if their rough draft is worthy of follow through.  This can easily and quickly be accomplished with an affordable Read-Through Evaluation and Assessment.  This service offers an complete analysis of your manuscript from plot to story structure to characterisation and more.  A Read-Through Evaluation is normally completed within a week of receipt of the manuscript, so your decision to pursue your project is not delayed.  Copy editing is performed on the first chapter and editor notes are inserted throughout the manuscript.  An evaluation report is created that provides both an overview of the manuscript and detailed editorial observations.

Many authors use this service when their manuscript simply isn’t coming together for them – burnout or writer’s block may have stopped progress – or the work is solid, but needs more depth.  A Read-Through Evaluation can break down blocks and push you into new creative energies.

Developmental Editing

My most commonly requested editing service is Developmental Editing.  This is an editing process that involves reviewing the structure and foundations of the piece.  The plot, story flow, character development, narratives, and transitions that make everything work together – all these elements are reviewed with the intent of supporting your re-writes.  After reading through the piece, I will insert comments that identify areas that need work, including suggestions that support changes.   An overall review of the manuscript addressing issues that need to be re-written, re-thought, or re-defined in the story will be completed.  This review allows the author to move forward with changes that bring the manuscript to readiness for a copy edit.  Many manuscripts are strong first drafts and the developmental edit may be less extensive, but this service will always indentify areas that can be re-worked to add depth to the entire story.

Developmental Editing is most often charged by the page – and may not cover the entire book, especially if it is a first draft.  I see little purpose in reviewing an entire manuscript when the same difficulties are encountered several times within the first 100 pages.  We will save your budget for the next edit, which can dig into the refinements of your story.

Ghost Editing

Closely in line with developmental editing is Ghost Editing, which is where you have written your first draft, but you do not wish to complete it yourself – for whatever reason.  At this point, I would take over your manuscript and re-write it using your first draft as a foundation.  I consider Ghost editing to be only 1 step removed from ghosting writing and my rates will reflect the depth of this service.  Additional re-writes of a ghosted edit would be considered ghost writing and subject to additional charges.

Copy Editing

I often work with authors on Copyediting, or content editing as some call it, where their work has already been edited at least once – or this edit may well be viewed as the “final” edit before proofing and publication.  With copyediting, I will edit for the details that trip a story up, for grammar and sentence structure, and for continuity throughout – among other things.  This is the edit that allows you to bring the final polish to your work.  It may also be part of ensuring your manuscript follows the submittal format required by your publisher.


Proofreading is a per page rate and such services will consist of reviewing your document for typos, grammatical errors, incorrect page breaks, missing footnotes, etc.  No editing is done with proofreading – the assumption is that proofreading is being performed on material ready to go to publication.  If a style sheet is available from your publisher, it will be required to ensure compliance.

Short Project Rates

Editing compilations, novellas or short stories may be quoted at a per hour rate – with the condition of your material dictating the number of pages equaling an hour’s editing time.

I encourage you to contact TigerX to discuss your editing project – my consults are free and I make every effort to provide a customised quote for all my clients.